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Get a wide range of Laptops (used/Brand new/Refurbished) Computers. Our Laptops (non-MacBook brands) come installed with windows 10. MacBook laptop Brands, include Air and Pro versions. iMacs are available too, at affordable prices.

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Smart PhonesSmart Phones

Get a wide range of smartphones. Our smartphones range include: androids and iPhones. Phone accessories such as phone covers and screen guards are available at affordable prices.

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We offer a number of accessories and services. Our range of accessories includes: printers, video/photography equipment, and CCTV Cameras. Our services include: Software Development Consultancy. All at affordable prices.

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Profile Section

Company Profile

ROMCO Technologies Ltd was established in 2019 and has grown to become the leading Import and Export Company serving the East African markets (Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, Rwanda and Sudan. The company has its base and office in Dubai, UAE a world renown global Trade and Business Hub from where we export products directly to our customers in the East African region.

Our Products

Select and Shop for a product of your choice, from our wide variety of choices.
Customer Care

A one on one call with our support team.

Software Development Consultancy

A service that involves technical support on software related problems.

Used Laptop

Used Laptops — These are cheapest, but without Quality Assessment (QA) or guarantees, relying solely on the word of the seller.
This option is worth considering for those seeking a system for work, studying or general use.

Refurbished Laptops

You may not have any desire to own a brand new laptop, and if you're also looking to save some money, refurbished and used options are certainly the way to go.
Refurbished — These computers are discounted by manufacturers and retailers with good Quality Assessment (QA). They are usually covered by at least a limited warranty.

Brand New Laptops

Brand New Laptops — Buying a new laptop is costly, but you'll be the first to use the laptop with full warranty.

Desktop And iMacs

Desktop computers and Imacs are personal computers designed for regular use at a single location like a desk or table due to its size and power requirements. Reccommended for an office or home setting, since they are mostly not portable.


The MacBook is a brand of Macintosh laptop computers. They are the most powerful notebooks featuring fast processors, incredible graphics, Touch Bar, and a spectacular Retina display.

CCTV Cameras

A range of different types of CCTV Cameras.

Photography Equipment

A range of all photography and videography equipment.


A range of all printers and printing accessories. 

Other Accessories

A collection of other computer accessories


A range of tablets from various brands.


A range of all iPhone smartphones.

Android Phones

A range of all android smartphone devices.

Cases and Covers

Smartphone cases and covers for various devices and brands.